How to request to Add or Change content on your website.

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There are times when you will need to add or remove information from your website. Below are the detailed instructions on how to make such requests.

Visit the support page

Log into your Account or Creating one.

Note: If you are requesting General Information about services you can select Continue As Guest. Otherwise we suggest you Log Into your account or create one so you can track your tickets.

Creating your Ticket

Step 1 Select New Ticket
Step 2 Select Site Update under Category
Step 3 Enter the Website address that needs updated
Steps 4 & 5 Select whether you need a new page created for the changes you are requesting
Enter the name of the page you are requesting to be added or the name of the page that already exists EG Home.

You can usually Identify existing page names by the title of the page in your menu.

Steps 6 & 7 Enter a short Description of what you are looking to add or change
Enter all the details of what you are looking to add or update to your page
Steps 8 & 9 Attach any prevalent files that you may need added ans Select I am not a Robot

(If there are Multiple files please make sure you add the order you want them in, in the description. You also can only attach one file at a time. So for every file you need to attach you will need to select Attach File)

Note: Attachment size it maxed at 20 MB.

Step 10 Submit Ticket
Completed Support Ticket
Completed Support Ticket

If you have any issues please email our support staff.